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My Other Art Places

November 12th, 2012

I haven't written anything in a long time! I probably should though huh? I should probably be in bed right now too since it's real quick I'll say this. I have a Cafepress store too that has lots of my different art on different items, I did my first calendar with my junk car art and it turned out really nice. If you want to see my CP site its .......not sure how to tell if people really read this or not..but if you are, thankyou and goodnight zzzzzzz


February 19th, 2011

I picked up this magazine thursday evening at my art group meeting called Destination Great Falls..I just wanted to read through it..etc..and I am mentioned in it! :) It says I will be doing the Library Artshow March and says I am a digital photographer..but Im really a digital artist but hey! at least they spelt my name right lol..anyway, it was a nice surprice..

MDA Muscle Walk The Heart of Walk and Roll

January 25th, 2011

My life moves from one event to the next very quickly. So while I am in hearing training (listening to John Cougar) I am doing the MDA Muscle Walk! This is a fundraiser walk to raise money for more then 40 neuromuscular diseases. My daughter and me have one from the CMT collection, so thats where I'd like to donate the funds for this walk! This is Montana first Muscle Walk and its in Bozeman Montana on April 9th...This is a nation wide event and there are walks going on Everywhere! I sent out invites to people in my address book and I accidently sent one to Dr Shy. He is one of the top research doctors in the country....opps!..but he wrote me back and said he was doing the walk already in Detroit. :)

Ok!there are several ways you can help with this...

1..Join my team and do the walk with me! ( Id like 10 or more family/ friends on my team!) Link to Join or Donate is at the bottom.

2..I understand what broke me!..but you can help by beiing a team member and collecting! Just put out a can to collect donations for the Muscle Walk. If you want to do this I can help you make your can if you would like. You can place it in your business or where ever you think it would help.

3..You can pass this website onto your family and friends that you think might like to donate. .. :) a dollar here and dollar all adds up!! can make a donation yourself and know that you did something good for someone else.

So! Who wants to be a member of The Heart of Walk & Roll!!!?? Email me if you have questions!

A Bit Of News

January 20th, 2011

a bit of cool news... I was asked to be a judge in the art program for kids preschool through 12th grade. The program is called Reflections Program and was started in Colorado in 1969...anyway, so tonight I shall go do that! wow! what an honor to be asked :)

I was also asked to do the ad design for my local 706 Studio group for the Cultural Treasurers mag again. Ive done the ad the past 2 years, so I have that to get done by feb 14th...

hope everyones having a good day....

countdown day 4.........susan

My other arts and such

January 17th, 2011

I am starting to get antsy to paint..something..anything..but haven't found the time. but i will. but I havent been totally none artistic. I also do illustration art for my cafepress store. Over on my FaceBook page, my friends and I are playing a game called Play it Forward. You have to "make" a gift for your friends who accept the offer and agree to make a gift for someone else...and so on. I had 4 takers on my offer, so I baked them cookies and made this design for them. They will each get two 3.5 for themselfs and the second to keep or play it forward to another friend. I liked the idea of this game... :) If you'd like to see my design and maybe even play's a link to look..

I'm also counting down the days to have my cochlear implant turned on. i have 7 days left! I'm excited...I'v not heard on 2 sides of my head for a very long time! I know it'll take some time to get used to it..train it...etc. my other cochlear implant took about 3 months to start understanding voices and words. now i understand everything! My CI's Rock!! :):)

I have a 2 month artshow coming up...March/April at the City Library...its gona sneek up on me! Ohhh nooo! I need to get busy and start planning and orginizing! thats about all I'm up to for now. I hope everyone is having a good day....susan :)

15 Day Countdown 15percent Off Sale

January 9th, 2011

hope everyone is having a good sunday. right now its snowing & blowing out my window and all i can say is.."yep! that's montana " today is day 15 of my countdown to when i get my 2nd cochlear implant turned on! so im inviting whoever wants to join me for my countdown, & today is 15 days left..i'd also like to offer a 15% discount on any of my artwork at FAA. just shop the link below and use coupon code YYYSRV at the checkout! ..sounds..get it this year is gona be a noicey one! yeahhhh!

Resolutions Ideas Hopes

January 1st, 2011

Resolutions Ideas Hopes

Good morning it is January 1, 2011 :-) I remember as a kid watching TV about the future and I'm pretty sure by 2011 we were supposed to be driving our very own spaceships. I had my heart set on something purple and shiny and very zippy. The last time I looked, there was still no spaceship in my driveway. Anyways, today is the day to make our resolutions. Mine never changes much from year to year... kind of like there is still no spaceship in my driveway... I will continue to work on being healthy, going to the gym, trying my best not to eat the whole box of chocolates in one setting, being kinder to myself, resisting the urge to punch morons in the face, continuing to do my art's and my business which even though it does not keep me all that busy I still love it :-) today though is about making improvements, so I'm going to give this blog thing an attempt. I do write my thoughts from time to time but it is my resolution for the year to do better at it. So I'm going to ramble about my ideas and with any luck they won't come and lock me up.

One idea I has... scan my shower curtain to make a color palette and paint miniature pictures to put on tiles for my bathroom. This way everything is all nice and color coordinated :-)

A few years ago a friend of mine asked me about doing illustrations for a children's book she had written. She had all her pages sketched out in colored pencil and wanted me to bring them to life. She said it was her legacy. I thought the project sounded like fun but children's books were never my interest but graphic work was. However children's art was my daughter's interest so I hired my daughter to help me with the illustration work. At that time my daughter lived in Virginia Beach and was going to college for a degree in graphics and multimedia, while I was still here in Montana. She was to create all of the characters in this story as laid out according to the colored pencil sketches. I created all of the other background scenery and one character for the story. Well, a few problems we had other then mother daughter nitpicking with different visual ideas of course but we also had different program's. My daughter would work on her characters and then have to convert the file to something compatible with my program. E-mail me the file. I would open the file and convert it to the program I was using and insert her characters into my scenery background's. It was a lot of guess and by golly, a lot of cussing and arguing, but the three of us managed to coordinate this story and then I put it together as a photo book because my friend who wrote this story had not found a publisher for it. Even as a photo book it was a bright and colorful children's book geared for preschoolers. I gave my copy to my nephew as a gift...... over the years, which has been about six, every time I see my friend she keeps promising me she is going to do something with this book. Her husband is a writer so knows a little bit about how to publish. I don't have a clue about that sort of thing. Anyways, today, January 1, 2011, I get an e-mail from her husband out of the blue. He says, he thinks the art in this book is tremendous and he has been hooked up with a large public relations firm associated with PBS. This could be a step in the right direction for my friend and to finally publish her book. How cool is that! What a way to start the year :-)

I think this is the enough blogging for one day. Happy new year to everyone!..... Susan :-)

ps..the image is page 16 from A Surprise in the Meadow by Nickie Fee, Susan Kinney & Gina Kinney

Happy New Year

December 31st, 2010

well dang! that year went fast.. but i did manage to stay busy..did several artshows..sold a few a few commission jobs..and even a new ear! ..well a new cochlear implant that will be turned on jan 24 2011!! so my year will start out very cool. then i already have a 2 month artshow at the city libuary in march/! i will try to do better at this blog if anyone reading this wants to join my page on FaceBook just look for SMK graphic studio. Happy New Year! FineArtAmerica fans and artists! i hope 2011 brings you good times and good health......susan :)

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Have a great day!... susan :)

CMT Fundraiser

January 29th, 2010

The Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation just published a story that they did on me a while back about a fundraiser that I have at my Cafépress store. I have a section in my Cafépress store designated to my CMT artwork and I donate a percentage of my sales from that artwork to two different organizations raising money to cure CMT. The fundraiser is ongoing and I will always be adding new artwork..

To read this story go to this link

To learn more about the fundraiser go to

thanks... susan :)